Getting access to the right toiletries at the right price can be challenging. And even when you do locate a supplier that can offer you the products and pricing that you need, they often require you to purchase in significant bulk volumes.

Add to this the fact that you still need to employ a contract cleaning company that you need to pay separately and it becomes clear that getting all the toiletry supplies and cleaning services that you require and staying within budget is really difficult.

Here at versatile cleaning contractors, we have the solution that you have been seeking.

We can supply toilet rolls, hand towels, soaps, air fresheners and many more essential toilet accessories in the quantities that you require.

Better still, this expense can be built into any cleaning contract quotation thus enabling you to deal with one company rather than two.

We also provide a free drop off service for all toiletry supplies and you can rest assured that all supplies are premium quality and produced by reputable brands. While we do focus on delivering toiletry supplies primarily to businesses, we can also provide smaller orders to domestic customers. For details, contact us – or telephone 061 458 445 or 086 603 84 04 today.

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