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Public parks and forestry areas can be very difficult to clean and maintain. The effects of littering and even vandalism can take their toll and adverse weather conditions can wreak havoc.

With a regular cleaning schedule from a professional contract cleaning and janitorial services company, however, things can change for the better very quickly. Not only will the area in question look better, but with the removal of litter the environment will also be protected.

Here at versatile contract cleaning, we specialize in the cleaning and maintenance of parks, recreation areas, stadiums, outdoor concert venues, playgrounds and school play areas.

Outdoor amenities can be kept clean with the right approach – an approach that we have perfected over the course of the last four decades.

With our strict work ethic, advanced cleaning equipment and skilled workforce, no cleaning task is too much for us. We specialize in outdoor cleaning with a super fast turnaround and our price structure is extremely competitive. We have delivered impeccable results for councils, private property owners, businesses and educational institutions across Limerick and neighbouring counties and are always pleased to welcome new clients on board. Call us today for more details – 061 458 445 or 086 603 84 04.