Your local contract cleaning company – versatile cleaning contractors – is available full-time in the Bruff area of county Limerick with a special focus on office cleaning.

Our centrally located office is easy to access and we have a competent and pleasant customer support team on standby to accommodate all your domestic and commercial cleaning needs.

With a highly responsive and scrupulously trained cleaning team, versatile can always get the job done, regardless of the scope or nature of the project – residential, business, industrial and government contracts, large and small, from one off to long term - our contract cleaning company is here to please.

With any cleaning project, safety is of paramount importance. Our staff follow strict safety and risk assessment protocols and are ultra-careful with your property.

Our clients are thrilled to find their property cleaned and left as good as new, with no missing or damaged items, fixtures or fittings. When you work with versatile, you have a trustworthy partner that will work for the enhancement of your property and your environment.

If you are located in the Bruff area, why not reach out to us today for a free estimate?